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"My heart is in the work."

This is a photograph of my Dad, Dennis C. Johnson, taken while he was working at Fort Mifflin during World War II. Pop taught me and my brothers, Dennis Jr. and Marvin, the value of hard word. 

Pop was also and exceptional story teller. Check out my blog page for periodic stories about Pop and others who enriched my life.

Oh! The quote is the motto of my alma mater - Carnegie Mellon University. Pop would have loved it.



The author of Run to Win, has recently completed his second novel A Second Coming due to launch in 2022. Eric has contributed to:

Eric is a retired technical writer who lives in Bluffton South Carolina with his wife Gwen. When not writing he fauns over his family and works to perfect his slow plodding running style. 

Eric holds a BS in English from Carnegie Mellon University and an MS in Technical Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  


 A Second Coming - Order Today...

Fall 2022

The corrupt leadership of  a Black Baptist church learn that Barack Obama wants to visit to honor "The Mother of the Church".  Leadership assigns a young minister the task of finding The Mother.  Assisted by an ex- hip hop video vixen, and a mystical Deacon, the minister searches for The Mother while fending off an assortment of eccentric adversaries and his own spiritual demons.

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A Second Coming: A sad and twisted saga of an American church.: Johnson, Eric D: 9780578345215: Books



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