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Eric hails from a proud lineage of story tellers who plied their trade near hot stoves in South Carolina or on the front porches and bar stools of West Philadelphia. 

The author of Run to Win, has recently completed his second novel A Second Coming due to launch in 2022. Eric has contributed to:

Eric is a retired technical writer who lives in Bluffton South Carolina with his wife Gwen. When not writing, he devoutly follows Philadelphia sports teams, fauns over his granddaughter Gia, and works to perfect his slow plodding running style. 

Eric holds a BS in English from Carnegie Mellon University and an MS in Technical Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  


 A Second Coming - Launching...

Fall 2022

The leadership of St. Stephens church, which they have transformed into a commercial enterprise, learns that Barack Obama plans a visit to honor "The Mother of the Church" who he considers his social justice inspiration.  The leaders see his visit as a much-needed financial windfall, but they have no idea who or what The Mother of the Church is. They assign a young minister the task of finding The Mother.  Assisted by an ex- hip hop video vixen, and a mystical Deacon, the minister searches for The Mother while fending off a wild assortment of eccentric adversaries and his own personal demons.

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A Second Coming: A sad and twisted saga of an American church.: Johnson, Eric D: 9780578345215: Books



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